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Settlement Awards and Verdicts



Tarantino v. Tekin – $1,000,000 (Policy Limits)

Rear-end auto collision, which resulted in client receiving diskectomy surgery in neck.

Sprenger v. Nash – $650,000

Head on auto collision, which resulted in client receiving neck fusion surgery. 

Garcia v. Progressive – $325,000 (Policy Limits)

Client was driving on I-80 at freeway speeds when she was rear-ended causing her vehicle to roll over several times.  Client sustained a broken neck. Insurance company initially denied claim stating driving error.  Attorney turned around the position of the insurance company and its lawyers and settled for Policy Limits prior to Binding Arbitration.

Pagan v. Pagan – $135,000.00

Client was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by his nephew, who drove at a high-speed causing his vehicle to fly in the air after after going up and hill and then T-bone another vehicle backing out of a driveway. Our client sustained major fractures in his leg.  Insurance policy was exhausted by other parties.


Fiero v. Auto Driver – $202,000.00

Client suffered cervical disc herniations with cord compression.


Davis$250,000.00 (Policy Limits)

Client was broadsided by vehicle which ran a red light in Oakland.  Client suffered injury to his neck, resulting in recommendation of anterior cervical fusion surgery.  

Razvan$250,000.00 (Policy Limits)

Client was rear-ended and suffered injury to his neck resulting in cervical fusion surgery.


Roberts v. Driver – $100,000.00 (Policy Limit)

Client was a passenger in a vehicle which ran a stop sign and collided with another vehicle. Client was ejected from the automobile and badly broke his leg. The policy limit was obtained from the negligent driver.


Carey v. PG&E – $250,000.00

Client was stopped in his vehicle at an intersection . A PG&E tractor drove by with a large metal plate swinging uncontrollably. The metal plate impacted client’s vehicle several times. Client suffered a permanent neck injury and psychological trauma.


Sharkey – $100,000.00

Our client was a pedestrian who was walking across a crosswalk, when she was struck by a vehicle who didn’t see her. Client broke both of her legs. Defendants’ insurance policy was exhausted.


Yurovsky – $60,000.00

Pedestrian v. Auto case where our Client was hit while crossing street . Client suffered meniscus tear and orthoscopic surgery. She also suffered contusions to her head.




Stickrod v. Auto $100,000.00

Client was a motorcyclist, who suffered displaced left distal radius fracture of his wrist and underwent an open reduction internal fixation after a car made an illegal left turn in front of him in SF.


Azzolino V. Kam – $117,000.00

Client was riding his motorcycle in San Franciscco when driver made illegal right turn and unsafe lane change and impacted Client. Client sutained fractured wrists but was fortunately back riding his new motorcycle within four monthes.


Lelli v. - $100,000.00

Client was riding his motorcycle in San Francisco when driver made an unsafe lane changed causing a collission with the motorcycle and caused client's ankle to be pinned underneath.  Client required mulitple surgeries to repair ankle.  




Thurston v. City and County of San Francisco – $1,300,00.00

A San Francisco Muni bus ran over and dragged a bicyclist over 30 feet. Client suffered multiple fractures including his pelvis and impotence following the accident.


Rothman v. M.A.C. Construction – $300,000.00

A driver of a pick-up truck came out of a driveway and collided with our client, a bicyclist who was riding down the hill. It was alleged that client was riding too fast for conditions. Our client sustained multiple fractures and underwent lumbar fusion surgery.


Low v. Vince – $335,000.00

Our client was a bicyclist who was riding when he was hit by tourist driver. Defense claimed client was riding too fast and that he should have been more aware of defendant’s vehicle, who turned directly into client’s path. Client suffered serious nasal injury involving 3 surgeries.


Weissensee v. Madden – $100,000.00

Our client, a pedestrian, stepped out of a store and onto the sidewalk, when a bicyclist rode on the sidewalk and struck her in the back. Client fell down and injured her shoulder. The bicyclist blamed her for the accident and insulted her attorney for pursuing her rights.




Looney v. Sulfur Plant $1,350,000.00

Client suffered a foot injury after stepping on a metal snap tie. He was hired to perform repairs to machinery at the plant and construction snap tie was debris from a construction project. Client had severe infection in his foot and it was uncertain as to whether he would suffer amputation of his lower leg.


Sara F v. Property Owner $1,000,000.00

Client sat on faulty deck railing which caused her to fall two stories and incur multiple fractures.  


Carlin v. Property Owner – $135,000.00

Client suffered lacerations to his foot after a piece of glass fell from a medicine cabinet and sliced his foot, while taking a shower in rented apartment.


Gill v. Fairmont – $290,000.00

An elderly woman fell as a result of a dimly lit stair as she was leaving the Tonga Room in The Fairmont in San Francisco. Our client sustained a major fracture which led to fixation Surgery.





Sexual Assault case – Confidential

Client received a large settlement from major Hollywood actor who made unwanted sexual advances toward her leaving her with Psychological injuries.





Fitch v. Alexanyan - $65,000.00

Permanent injury to client's thumb.  


Craven v. PG&E – $100,000.00

Client stepped into an uncovered utility hole on a sidewalk in SF. She suffered torn meniscus in her knee and had to undergo surgical repair.




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